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Demuth Photography was created in 2006 by freelance photographer Paul Demuth and is based in Hove in Sussex on the south coast. Paul Demuth offers a wide range of photographic services and has over 20 years experience working in the photography business. Paul Demuth grew up in South East London, lives on the south coast and offers a range of photography services for London and the south east.

"I have always been passionate about the photographic image. I bought my first proper camera as a teenager and immediately fell in love with photography. I loved the whole darkroom process and the magic of seeing your ideas come to life before your eyes. I then started working as an image retoucher working with the earliest versions of Adobe Photoshop. Over the years I have been employed by a number of newspapers and image & design agencies, scanning and retouching photos, and I also used to run the photography department for a large travel company. I then went on to be the Studio Manager at North Laine Photography in Brighton who showcase local Sussex and Brighton photography through their gallery above Snoopers Paradise and still produce the wonderful Brighton & Hove Calendar. I am at my happiest when out and about with my camera, whether photographing weddings, creating 360 degree shots of interiors, doing model portfolio shots or just taking pictures of family and the world around me." Paul Demuth

Paul Demuth is fully CRB checked (enhanced disclosure) for work in schools and for photographing children. Demuth Photography has full public liability and public indemnity insurance. Paul uses a number of different cameras and lenses but works primarily with Canon cameras, both film and digital, using the famous, fast and beautifully sharp "L" lenses. Other cameras regularly used by Paul Demuth are the Fuji X cameras and for extreme conditions the Olympus "tough" cameras. Demuth Photographyonly went digital when full frame digital cameras were significantly improved, but still uses film when appropriate for the job. Often assignments will be covered with a combination of film and digital cameras, old and new, as each camera has it's own strengths and offers something slightly different. Demuth Photography is best known for stunning wedding photography in Sussex, London, Surrey and the south east. Paul Demuth has been photographing weddings for over ten years now and in that time has seen a number of changes.

"Wedding Photography has really changed for the photographer. Years ago before digital the photographer would turn up to a wedding with twenty rolls of film and you would ration your shots to ensure you covered all of the main moments. There was no way of reviewing shots taken so you had to make sure you knew your camera's technical abilities. When the film was all used, your day was over and there would then be a few days waiting for the lab to develop everything and hoping that all the shots would be properly exposed and in focus. Now you have a safety net in so far as you can review your shots immediately and check that your ideas are working and producing the desired results. In some ways it is a lot easier now and most photographers take far more shots than they would have done using film, and that gives you more shots to choose from. However there was something magical about working with film and more of your time proportionately was spent taking photos, the lab did all the processing. A wedding is a week's work if you do the job properly; one day taking photos, about three or four days selecting and editing the shots and then another day doing things like meeting the couple, doing a recce of the locations, uploading photos to the website and running to and from the lab. I love weddings, every wedding is different and you are hopefully capturing special memories that will be cherished forever. You have to think fast, adapt to ever-changing conditions and scenarios and you only get one chance to get everything right, no second chances, and that is what makes wedding photography such a fulfilling challenge."

" In recent years, since digital photography has improved and the cameras are "fool-proof", there has been a huge increase in the number of photographers that I am competing with for both wedding and corporate jobs, from a customer's point of view this is a mixed blessing as there is more choice and it has led to a massive reduction in prices, but it also means that there are a lot of inexperienced photographers out there without the appropriate skills driving the prices down offering cut-price and often very poor photography. The massive increase in photographers and drop in prices has meant that I have had to be flexible with prices and products to be able to cater for a range of clients and budgets and offer something for everyone." Paul Demuth

Demuth Photography still believes in the beauty of the photographic print and a complete set of prints is included in the service for most weddings.

"I believe that prints are important, I automatically process and colour correct with the final print in mind and it is great when you hand over the big box of wedding photos and couples comment on how stunning and vibrant the prints are. Too many people now are used to viewing digital images on a screen and it is not until you look properly at a print that the full magic of photography comes to life. Having said that we live in a digital age so I also always provide a disk with the high res images on so couples have hard copies of all of the photos. Every wedding is also uploaded on to a web gallery page so that friends and family can see the wedding photos on-line, it is more immediate and convenient and unlike many photographers I do not have a problem with people downloading my photos, the low res web versions are fine for facebook and for emailing around, I don't feel the need to watermark everything. I know for a fact that this approach has resulted in bookings as people like to be able to share photography. All I ask is that if people download the shots and use them on social networking sites then they give me a credit. Photos are for sharing and should be on show, on walls, in frames or on social networking sites, not stored away on hard drives or packed away in drawers. I want my work to be seen by as many people as possible and that means allowing people to share them around. If you want to order hi res digital files or prints you can do it from my website. I am not the kind of photographer who is going to worry about losing a few print sales, there is a bigger picture out there, and the more people who get to see my work then the more assignments I end up getting..." Paul Demuth

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Demuth Photography also produces stunning wedding books to showcase a couple's favourite wedding photos. Designed by Paul Demuth and printed by Graphistudio in Italy the books are available in a range of sizes and finishes and are beautifully produced. To see actual wedding book designs please take a look at the Wedding Books page: Wedding Books

Demuth Photography also does a lot of corporate work and has an impressive commercial client list that includes a number of Blue Chip companies and also caters for local Brighton and Sussex based businesses. Demuth Photography works with photographic and design agencies plus various environmental organisations and national charities. Recent corporate work can be seen on the Corporate pages of this site: Corporate Photography

Demuth Photographydoes a lot of interiors shoots and can offer a range of interior photography services including architectural quality interiors and exteriors, lifestyle interiors, retail spaces and 360 degree panoramic photos for web virtual tours. Examples of interior photography can be seen on Interiors Portfolio pages: Interior Photography

Portraits is another area of expertise covered by Demuth Photography. From corporate head shots to familyportraits, Demuth Photography has the experience to make the most out of your portrait session and is very much in demand in Sussex and London for portrait shoots. Demuth Photography has portable studio lighting and backdrops to ensure good even light. This can be easily set up in your home to make the portrait session more convenient and less daunting. In many cases however, the best results are achieved using natural light. Paul often captures portraits using a combination of old 1970's film cameras and modern digital cameras.

"Most people don't really like having their photos taken but often that is the fault of the photographer. A good photographer will make the model feel comfortable enough to ensure very natural portraits, and it is that trust between photographer and model that is the key to good portraiture photography. The smile comes for the eyes, not the mouth, and too many people have a "photo-smile" that appears when a camera is pointed at them. This is particularly true of children who often believe that they have to pull a big cheesy grin. I try to move away from this and capture the natural expressions that make up a person's individuality and personality and try to show people as they really can be. Beauty is in the natural expression, and it is up to the photographer to find the best angles and light to accentuate a person's best features." Paul Demuth

Some examples of Demuth Photography portraits can be seen on the portraits pages of this site: Portrait Photography

Lifestyle photography is another passion for Paul Demuth. To try to define it or categorise it is to miss the point. Lifestyle photography is sometimes capturing life as it happens around you and sometimes creating shots that reflect the world around you. It is personal, natural, real and evocative. Demuth Photography was born out of a love of this kind of imagery: Lifestyle Photography

Paul Demuth also writes a much visited photography blog and tries to keep it updated as regularly as possible. The blog gives updates on recent work and tries to showcase favorite photos and discusses the world of photography: Demuth Photography Blog

We hope you enjoy browsing the website, which is constantly growing as new content is added. www.demuthphoto.com currently receives thousands of page views every month with many new unique visitors and has bookings well into next year. If you wish to contact Paul Demuth or have an enquiry you would like to discuss please either call Paul Demuth on 07941 947096 or email: paul@demuthphoto.com


PHOTOGRAPHY & NEWS: Demuth Photography Blog
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