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Sorry for the delay in emailing, back in the UK now after a wonderful honeymoon. James and I are extremely impressed with the photographs and don't have any that we dislike. So are happy for the gallery to stay as it is. We both just wanted to thank you again for making our day special and capturing it brilliantly. Looking forward to seeing hard copies of the prints and discussing the photobooks.
James & Rebecca

We love the photos! Thank you so much x
Andy & Brogan

Photos are great. Thanks, everyone has said how good you were and how hard you must’ve worked
Iain & Iain

The photo's are beautiful. Looking forward to going over the options for the wedding book. Thank you for being our photographer.
Jo & Sue

The pictures are brilliant, thank you so much, you really captured special moments and we love how natural they are.
Elliot & Joanna

The pictures are amazing we are really pleased with them. You can put them all online.
Mike & Becky

Paul, photos are lovely!!! The book looks fantastic I love it!!!!
Mark & Tracy

The photos look stunning!!! We love them and had so much fun looking through them. Thank you so much! There are no photos that we want to remove, we are happy with the selection. We have shown the photos to our parents and they were also very pleased.
Brian & Antoinette

Thanks for sending through the link. John and I have had a chance to look through the photo's and there are some beautiful shots.
John & Claire

The photos are really beautiful, thank you so much. You certainly captured the day really well and it is nice for me to see photos of times i wasn't there and moments i had forgotten. Everyone commented how lovely you were and Umit and i want to say a huge thank you for being our wedding photographer. Thank you so much for doing the additional edits. We are both extremely happy with the photos and we are happy for you to make them live for everyone else to see.
Umit & Sarra

The photos look great, thank you Paul.
Chris & Alex

Thank you for all your help and for being part of our special day. The pictures look great thank you we are happy for you to you make the gallery live.
Trevor & Melissa

The photos are amazing, we love them. We both thought you were brilliant on the day, thank you so much. We are happy for friends and family to see the photos. I have been busy sending the link to everyone...
Neil & Claire

The photos are really nice and we are so pleased with you. Many thanks indeed for capturing our precious memories.
Sean & Andrea

It's so good to hear from you, and thank you for the link to the photos. Jon and I are so pleased with the result, they are beautiful. You did well, as neither Jon or I are very photogenic! Can I also just say a massive thank you to you. You were 100% professional, and gave just enough direction, without taking over. I spoke to so many people who said how fantastic you were. Thank you for being part of our day, and I most definitely will be recommending you in the future. Thanks again.
Jon & Rebecca

We have now had a good look through and we are very happy with the photos. It looks like our guests had a good time...
Andy & Lorna

Thanks so much for the link. We've just looked at all the photos with my Sister in Australia. You've done some fantastic work, we love them. Thanks again for everything.
Jerry & Paul

We just got back this morning, and I was unable to get my emails whilst away, so we've had a look today at the pictures. There are so many great ones in there, we are thrilled with them! Thanks so much, and for getting the images to us so quickly. You were absolutely great on the day, and we both agreed that you were one of the best suppliers to work with... rest assured if we have any friends getting married we will do our best to send them your way. If you would like anything in the way of a recommendation posting anywhere, please let us know, we would be more than happy.
Dan & Lindsey

We have both had a look through the gallery and are really really happy with the pictures. You did a fantastic job mate!!  I just wanted to thank you for your work and also helping to keep us calm on the day.
Sid & Marie-Louise

Thank you for our stunning photos, we are delighted with them and feel that your wide range really captures the day. There aren't any photos we wish to remove before they go live. They are such lovely photos and we are really looking forward to choosing the photos for our album, though it will be a hard choice! You will have to let us knowhow we go about this. Thank you ever so much...
Ben & Jo

I hope you are well, we have been inundated with compilements about your abilities on the day! Everyone was very impressed with you. As were we! We are slowly making our way through the photos, so far so good- they are excellent!
Scott & Heather

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for being everywhere and staying so long on saturday, we loved every minute!! I've had so many positive comments about you. We are really pleased with the photos, there are some stunning ones and I know Matts family and mine will be very happy!
Matt & Emma

We’ve had a look at the photos and they are all really lovely, you’ve done a sterling job.
Stephen & Sophie

What a lovely set of photos - certainly made me rather emotional! Would definitely get some in print so will look through and make a note. Thank you again for being our photographer on the day! Everyone loves the photos!
David & Neerja

Thank you for the link, the photos are great and we are really happy with them. We are happy with the whole selection and if ok we won’t remove any. Thanks again for all you did that day.
Simon & Catherine

We are back from honeymoon, refreshed and ready to go! We have looked through the photos and are very pleased with the results. Thanks again Paul.
Duncan & Caroline

Photos are amazing thank you so much, dont need any taken out or anything theyre brilliant as they are!! Cant wait for the prints!!! Thankyou again!
Nick & Betsy

The photos all look fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work capturing our special day. We don't have any issues with any of the photos on there so happy for you to make them public. We're also happy if you want to use a couple of the beach ones for marketing purposes.
Adam & Laura

They're amazing thank you so much! I really like the black and white effect of some of the photos, as well as the colour versions...they're some of my favourites so would love both versions.
Adam & Sophie

We were very pleased with the photos and all our friends and relatievs complimented your work saying that your presence was very discrete!
Anna & Francesca

These are absolutely beautiful - totally worth the wait! They really are stunning, and you're right about the getting ready shots - there are some there that just took me right back to that moment. Speaking of which, I also want to thank you for your presence in general, as a friendly face and general calmer of nerves... The whole day is a bit of a wonderful blur to me, so to have such perfectly captured moments is a joy. I am so happy to be able to send people not just beautiful photos of us but beautiful shots of other people.
Allan & Suse

The pictures are brilliant, really really lovely. I don't even have my eyes shut in any of them which is a first, so you must have done some serious editing!Thanks again for all your hard work and making the day so enjoyable and easy for us.
Ric & Alex

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! We received them today and honestly, we are so delighted! The best photos I've ever had taken, truly. I am certain that we will needing you to photograph us in the future and I'll be recommending you to one and all.
Nikhil & Natasja

Photos look great, so please make the link live. Look forward to also seeing the prints when they are ready...
Bauke & Suzanne

There probably are not enough words to  describe how pleased, thankful, grateful we are for all you have done for us and the ultimate results that are now displayed throughout our home. You are so gifted and such a nice guy too!!! We have a fabulous record of our day, and it is truly splendid to see how all
of our guests enjoyed themselves. We are amazed how, wihout ever meeting them,  you watched and photographed our family like an old friend would have done.. We  gave you such a slim brief and you delivered in some style. We have recieved such positive comments from everyone and you truly captured
them in their best light. Thank you so much for our fantastic photos and bless you for capturing the right moments.
Katie & Raine

Thank you so much for doing our wedding photography, we had such a great day and are really glad that you were able to take our wedding photographs. We love the photos!! Thank you so much for the wedding book we love it, and think it looks amazing.
Jon & Sam

Thanks for the link, we have had a good look at the photos and we are really pleased with them! There aren't any that we want removing, they are great.
Chloe & Richard

We love the photo's, thanks so much!!
Stuart & Emily

Thank you so much for the photos, I completely love them!! They are awesome, Thanks!!!
Ben & Annie

We are really happy with the photos, they really tell the story of the day and there are some fabulous and special shots in there.  Thanks for doing such a good job, we had a lot of comments from people involved in the day and guests that you were great on the day as well - hopefully you may drum up some referral business from it! 
Jonny & Ali

We have just finished looking through the photos, they are fantastic. You have captured the whole day brilliantly in the photos we love them all, no need to remove any of them. You helped everything run smoothly and made us both feel so comfortable. We cant wait to show all our family and friends, Thank you.
Andi & Becky

Thanks Paul, the photos look great.
James & Emily

Once again we would like to say what a brilliant job you have done - absolutely superb!
Andy & Rowena

We had a fantastic Honeymoon thank you, if only you could have been with us to take the best pictures like our Wedding ones. We absoultly love the link you have sent us every single one of the pictures are amazing. Im so happy that you were our photographer.
Matt & Karli

We absolutely love all of the pics!!! No need to remove any. Thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing the prints! Rest assured Frazer and I will be recommending you at any possible opportunity!  You've made us all look gorgeous!! - which we know was quite a challenge ;) xxxxxxx
Frazer & Sarah

We love all of the photos. Can't wait to see the prints. Thankyou so much.
Sean & Laura

The photos look fantastic. Can't thank you enough for everything you did on the day. We received several compliments on our choice of photographer.
Philip & Charlotte

I should like to thank you once again. You played a big part in making our special day. You have a wonderful personality and the photos you took are superb. A lot of friends and family have said how marvellous you were. We were astounded to come back from our honeymoon to find our photos ready for inspection, there isn’t a single complaint, only lots of compliments for you. Much much appreciated.
Simon & Tanya

We have had so many lovely comments on your photo's they are fantastic. Thank you so much!
Brett & Andrea

The photos are amazing and bring the whole day flooding back to us! We love them all but some of the ones of the children are really beautiful! So none we want to remove at all! Thank you again and again!
Kevin & Sarah

Just want to say thank you so much for an amazing collection of photographs. You have captured our day so well and they tell a story. For people that did not come, if they looked at them they would feel as if they were there with us. We are so proud of them, we want the world to see. Thank you again.
Steve & Dawn

We just got back from honeymoon and have had another look at the photos and they really are great.
Warren & Sarah

Just finished going through the photographs now and we absolutely love them and are happy for them all to be posted up on the site. Thank you so much for everything you've done, you played a big part in making the day runsmoothly. Thank you for helping us to relax and enjoy every moment of our fantastic day, we really appreciate it and shall be submitting a glowing review for your site.
Simon & Nina

Many Thanks for taking the wonderful wedding photos, we love all of them, they are really special and we appreciate the effort you took to take them. Thanks for being part of it all and sharing our special day with us.
Gerard & joanna

Photos look amazing! We love them! Thank you. We're happy for a public link to be set up.
Damien & Clare

All the photographs are amazing thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on the day.
Paul & Michelle

They’re fabulous! Just what we wanted. Thank you so much for everything you did for us on the day – we had a ball, and you were a special part of it!
Jonno & Anna

Thanks so much, the photos are fantastic and I was blown away by how hard you worked on the day. There aren't any that we don't want people to see so no need to remove any of them.
Bob & Sarah

We are so happy with your photos we love all of them and it would be great if you could put them in the gallery for our friends and family to see them. Thank you again for doing such a brilliant job! It was the best day ever!!
Sean & Annamarie

The quality of your work is the best that we have seen. We are both very happy with the pictures and give our permission to make the gallery live.
Peter & Roz

I was very excited to see that the pictures were ready for us to look at already, thank you. We have had a good look through and think they are fantastic, thank you so much for capturing our special day.
Darren & Becky

We really love the pictures they are absolutely fabulous. We are happy for them all to be seen by everyone. Can't wait to get the prints so we can decide on photos for album. Thank you so much for making it easy on the day everyone said what a great photographer you were. We had the most amazing day. Everyone who's seen the pictures think they are fab.
Gary & Laylee

Thank you very much for the photos they are fantastic, we love them. We would love for them to go live on your gallery for all our family and friends to see. Looking forward to getting the prints.
Darren & Lorna

We love the photos. You have really captured the happiness of the day! We had such a great time and looking back over them again this evening I think I like them even more as I get to relive it over again.
Samuel & Katie

The photos are amazing! Its was lovely to find your email when we got back, we've been looking forward to seeing these for the last 2 weeks!!
All the photos are great and we are happy for the gallery to go live on your website so that we can send the link to all our friends/family who are itching to see them!
Andy & Jo

Wow they are amazing! Thank you so much! We are happy for them to be seen by all!
Michael & Hayley

We love the pictures and think you have created a really good balance in the collection. There are so many stunning and interesting shots in the collection. They are all lovely! Love the ones on the beach and when we're smoking the cigars.
Sean & Susie

You've done a brilliant job. We knew you would. We love your style. Thank you.
Julian & Anna

We've just had a look through all the photos and absolutely love them. You've really captured the feel of the day and we are so pleased. There are none that we don't like so please could we keep them all?! We are more than happy for them to go live now so we can tell all our family and friends to have a look! Again, we're really pleased and we'd like to thank you so much for the end result. Thanks!!!
Brett & Gemma

The photos are so lovely - we are very very pleased. Thank you - you've really captured the mood of the day.
Mark & Rachel

Thank you so much for everything you did for us on our wedding day. You really did make it special for us and without sounding patronising, you worked so hard putting in extra time at what was already a very long and busy day. We both just feel that you had a "nothing is too much trouble" attitude and for that we really would like to say a big thank you... Once again thanks so much for putting the album together, we absolutely love the layout you have done and are really excited about the photo album.
Steve & Sarah-Jane

Thank you so very much for being our photographer. I was so happy to have you be our photographer, and we can't tell you how happy we are with everything you did for us, and for the amazing photographs as well. You captured the day beautifully, and all the emotions both of us felt on the day, and on each part of the day, we relive and feel again when we look at your photographs.
Scott & Nicola

Thanks very much for sending these through - they are fab - in fact most people are amazed that its me! so well done!!! Very happy for you to open up the gallery live on the web page.
Fraser & Victoria

Thank you so much, we really love all the photos!!!... Thank you again for everything.
Mark & Kristy

We love the photos and love the way you tirelessly captured the joy of the day. Beautiful photography!
Terry & Marianne

Wow! The photos are fantastic Paul, both Sarah and I think you have done a really good job. Not only are the photos of a very high calibre it really feels as though you've caught the essence of the day, which I can imagine can be hard to do sometimes. Thanks again for a great job, we really appreciate it.
Martin & Sarah

Pictures are lovely and dont think there are any to remove.
Garry & Caroline

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos. You have captured the day and everyone looks great. There were some real characters at the wedding!! Nathan and I have spent the morning looking at them and we feel they are all fine to be put on the web. We like all of them, you've really captured peoples personalities and there are some really beautiful portraits too. We both think you have a real talent and I'm sure lots of people are going to want extra copies.
Nathan & Helena

Thank you so much, we love the photos! You have done a really fantastic job of capturing the day, and brought back so many memories- I can even hear what people were saying in some of them. You have managed to reflect people truly as they are while also showing them in their best light...many familiar facial expressions. Thank you also for being so personable and such a pleasure to work with during the day- it was all very stress free and we felt in very good hands throughout. Many thanks once again- we won't hesitate to recommend you.
Gregorio & Imogen

Thanks ever so much for the photos, they are really good and we’re very pleased with them. There aren’t any that need removing so we’re happy for the link to go live.
Lloyd & Victoria

We really love the photos and have had a good look through them all.
Nathan & Lucinda

Thankyou very much for taking the photo's on our wedding day, me and Rosie love the photo's and think they are fantastic. We are happy for you to go live with the photos without any taken out. We can't wait to see the prints and show them to all of our friends and family!!
Dave & Rosie

The photos are lovely and they brought back some fantastic memories. We are happy to have all of them put up on the live gallery. Thank you for taking such brilliant pictures and we'll wait to hear from you concerning the prints.
Robin & Sarah

The photographs look amazing and thank you for the confetti one. I think Tegan would like it in a life size picture but I think that might be going a little far! ... I would be more than happy to write a testimonial for you if that would be helpful and I will be in touch towards Christmas time to order a couple of pictures of Brighton for Tegan from you!... Paul I can't thank you enough for capturing our day in the timeless fashion that we both wanted! the photographs are all perfect!
Richard & Tegan

We are really pleased with the gallery as well - there are some really great shots in here.
Ian & Tania

Thanks for the photos...they are great. Also, many thanks for doing such a great job on the day and for helping to make it such a memorable day.
Luke & Gemma

Thank you so much for being such a great photographer on our wedding day. You really helped us to relax and enjoy the day and we think the photos are absolutely stunning. We particularly like how natural so many of them look and that they genuinely capture the joy of the day. There won't be a photo frame large enough to fit in all those we love. Thanks again Paul.
Del & Kath

We honestly can't tank you enough for all your help and support in the run up to the wedding and on the day. You will keep our wedding day fresh in our minds forever. We are very grateful! Everyone commented on how fab you were.
Paul & Jane

The photos look fantastic.
Paul & kate

I've had a look at the photos and they look incredible!!! I am over the moon with them!! Some are even breathtaking!! ... Thanks for the amazing book, we've been doing a little tour with it and everybody loves it!
Christian & Heidi

Wow! Thanks for doing such a great job, we are really impressed with the photos, has been good fun going through them all, the whole day went by so quickly its great to have so many wonderful moments of the day captured.
Chris & Emily

We have just looked through all the photos and we are so pleased with them.
Robert & Louise

We're amazed at some of the photos you managed to get of people without them knowing!! They capture the day perfectly. They are exactly what we were hoping for with lots of photos of people enjoying themselves! We are delighted with the photos of ourselves that you took as well. For two people who hate having their photo taken, they're remarkable! We will certainly be recommending you to any of our friends who are getting married in the future.
Chris & Tracy

We love the photos, you've done a fantastic job!! You can put them all on the website and we'll let everyone know so they can order copies.
George & Hannah

Hi Paul Thanks so much, we were able to access the photos from sunny St Lucia - had to mark the occasion with a bottle of champagne. The photos are fabulous, more than we could have hoped, you have done a wonderful job, everybody looks to be having a great time.
Sean & Janet

Sarah and I have now looked at the photos, in fact we've gone over them a number of times and each time they seem to get better. They really catch the whole atmosphere and feel of the day as it progressed. Thanks again for doing a truly brilliant job!
Will & Sarah

Thanks the photos are great and we are happy with them all.
Julian & Sian

...it gave me the opportunity to sort and archive all my Wedding Treasures...I had a wonderful weekend full of amazing memories of our Wedding Day. Thank goodness we have such lovely photos to refer to. I could do it all over again! ...I was so touched by your comments about our Wedding Gallery, which is...after all, a tribute to your Great Skills. I would be so chuffed if someone booked you because they liked our photos!
Stuart & Angela

Thank you so much for all your efforts on saturday, it seems that everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves.
Trish & Julie

Thank you again, Ive been showing everyone at work today and they all think the book is fantastic. We couldnt have asked for anymore.
Simon & Sarah

Thank you so much!!! The photos are FABULOUS, they're exactly what we both wanted, a really lovely mix of natural and more formal shots that really capture the day for us. We both had the best day of our lives, thanks so much for your comment, I'm glad you didn't think we were too difficult or anything, loads of people came up to us and said what a really lovely guy you were so the feeling I think was mutual!! Am now trying to persuade all my friends to get married and I'm sure judging by the photos you've done for us that if any of them do they'll be giving you a call!
Aaron & Corrina

Hi Paul We are really pleased with the photos, and happy for them to be put on the web.
Steve & Nicola

Just came back today (a day early because of the hurricane!) and looked at the photos - we're over the moon - they are fantastic! Thanks again
Dil & Abi

Hi Paul, What wonderful photos! There aren't any photos that we want taken off the gallery. Many, many thanks.
Martin & Amanda

Cheers mate for a great selection of pics you did us very proud !!
Damon & Marie-Laure

Photos are excellent really pleased and happy for them all to go on live.
Rob & Amy

We forgot to say how pleased we are with the photos. We got lots of good feedback about you on the day too.
Mike & Maria

Thank you for the great photos Bob and i love them.
Bob & Gina

Thankyou for making our wedding day so special... we have a multitude of cracking photos.
Jim & Nicola

Thanks again from both of us for everything on Saturday - you really helped the day run smoothly and have captured everything brilliantly in the photos - we love them all!... The books look amazing, we are both very happyand the calendar is lovely too :-) Thank you for everything you have done and we may be in touch about the canvases.
Stuart & Anika

Ooh how exciting! We LOVE your pics, just adorable. You've really done us proud. And so many people commented on how lovely you were on the day. You've captured so many precious moments. Heaps of things we'd forgottenabout and how blissful to remember. They're all completely fine so no worries about removing any ta.
David & Celia

We have nothing but positive things to say. The photo album is amazing! the people that we have shown have never seen anything like it!
Adam & Kate

Paul, thanks for a great set of photos.
Derek & Helen

Everyone loves the photo's you did for us! You are a true artist.
Stephane & Helen

Thank you so much for being a star on Saturday - so calm, creative and athletic! Lots of people were very impressed with your professionalism on the day. We really like the photos and you have captured some great moments and memories.
Nicola & Laura

Thank you for your photographs we are really pleased with the photos that caught the moment and day.
Colm & Elaine

Had a look at all the photos and we are both extemely happy with all of them and have relived the day at least twice since!
John & Emma-Louise

Many thanks for everything you've done for us, we really appreciate it.
Steven & Karen

Romy and I loved the photos, we spent well over an hour and a half looking at them on your website in the Apple store in central Tokyo. Thank you very much...considering the last minute circumstances and no proper brief, you achieved more than I could of imagined.
Andrew & Romy

The photos look brilliant! Thanks so much for working so hard that day and also for persuading us to go down to the beach. I think those were the best ones.
Matt & Helena

Thanks! Excellent - a really good set of photos, and a great summary of the day! Even your attempts to get us all lined up together on the staircase seem to have paid off - they actually worked really well!
Simon & Alison

Thanks again for all your hard work, Polly and I are absolutely delighted with the results and really appreciate your generosity.
Guy & Polly

The photos are fantastic, we are really pleased!
Dil & Zoe

We love the photos - there are some really great ones.
Clare & Jane

Thank you so much - they really are fantastic. I am so pleased. Lots of lovely different types of shots which is great! I am not sure which are my favourite - probably the ones of me and rob at the back of the church in black and white, but very difficult as they are all great!
Rob & Suzie

Cheers Paul, photo`s are really great, we are so pleased with them!!
Glenn & Cyrena

Many thanks Paul, the pictures look great.
Paul & Maria

Everyone was very impressed with your professionalism on the day and the quality of the photos. If you need a reference at any time, please feel free to ask and we will be happy to provide one.
Matt & Cate


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